Token Info

Token name: SUNDAE

Policy ID (contract address): 9a9693a9a37912a5097918f97918d15240c92ab729a0b7c4aa144d77.53554e444145

55% of the SUNDAE supply will go to the public, with 5% of the total supply distributed to Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISO) participants among 5 epochs (1% every epoch).

SUNDAE Allocation

2 Billion SUNDAE tokens will be minted at the inception of the DEX and will become available slowly over a period of time as the protocol matures.

The allocations going in order of largest to smallest:

Public: 55% (1,100,000,000 tokens)

Team: 25% (500,000,000 tokens)

Investors: 13% (260,000,000 tokens)

Future Hires: 5% (100,000,000 tokens)

Advisors: 2% (40,000,000 tokens)

Community and Team Acquisitions


At the time of the DEX launch, the ISO will commence and the SundaeSwap token will be available for users on the SundaeSwap DEX protocol. With 5% of the total token supply being distributed through the ISO, users will also be able to earn additional SUNDAE as rewards from providing liquidity to any XX/SUNDAE pair at launch. Later, users will be able to earn further SUNDAE rewards through yield farming, fee-sharing initiatives, and other features that we expect to be introduced to the DEX.

Team/Investor Vesting

Team, investor, and advisor tokens which have been allocated to date are vested and will be released on a 4 year (team) or 2 year (investors/advisors) schedule with an agreed selling schedule on top of the vesting schedule. Vested tokens are released monthly on a pro-rata basis.

Years (after launch)













This table assumes that all tokens allocated to the Team or Advisors will vest.


* indicates future work


Since the beginning, we at SundaeSwap Labs have been determined to achieve true decentralization of the DEX. Our vision is to become the foundation for a suite of financial products as determined by the user community, with the sweetest decentralized exchange being at the core. We've contributed to a thriving ecosystem and now it is time for you, the users, to decide what happens with it.

SundaeSwap's governance will begin at DEX launch and be a completely on-chain experience for users to participate in the future of the SundaeSwap protocol. Users that participate in building the protocol through governance will earn rewards for doing so. Tokens may be delegated to another address for voting. We are committed to achieving “fair launches” where no one entity has an advantage in obtaining the governance token, and to achieve this the Team and Advisors will only vote vested tokens.

Once a protocol feature or upgrade is voted on, SundaeSwap Labs will not control the development or implementation of the proposal except as an independent developer team.

(SUNDAE token holders are entirely responsible for obeying the law in their jurisdiction when voting on governance matters).

Profit Sharing*

One of the founding principles of the SundaeSwap protocol is about decentralizing not just access to financial services, but the profits generated from them. Holders of the SundaeSwap token obviously serve a very important role in our mission to do so. In return for the core value the protocol provides for the Cardano and wider cryptocurrency ecosystems, it generates income and ultimately distributes that profit among members of the ecosystem which made that possible. While we haven’t announced the exact mechanisms here, our vision is for the SundaeSwap token to provide access to these decentralized profits.

Reduced Fees*

We envision the SundaeSwap token as a vehicle for large volume traders to reduce their overhead: institutional investors, arbitrage assistants, and managed portfolios will be able to pay for the fees of their trade, at a reduced rate, using the SundaeSwap token. This lowers their overhead, while incentivizing these higher volume customers, which results in overall higher yield for the liquidity providers.

To Be Announced

The tokenomics of the protocol, fees from the DEX, and how they operate within the ecosystem.

Stay tuned.

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